Lyon's demonstration area is Lyon Confluence - one of the largest urban redevelopment projects in France (150 ha – 600 000 m² existing floor area – 1.000.000 m² of new buildings).

It is the first WWF approved urban development in France and it is the largest urban redevelopment area in France with such an ambitious target such as the zero carbon objectives: the annual greenhouse gases emissions at the end of the urban project must not be superior to the level of emission at the project start.


Replication strategy 

Eco refurbishment

As part of Smarter Together, SPL Lyon Confluence has initiated 9 building renovation projects (50,000m²). 
These operations gave it the opportunity to meet a multitude of actors in the building sector. In order to capitalize on these experiences, the SPL, in partnership with the city and the Metropolis of Lyon, has created the Eco Renovation Club. This is a think tank that brings together 50 public and private actors working in this field. Together, they share their experiences, they write manifestos on energy renovation (on private housing, social housing, public and private tertiary sectors), they produce video testimonies of the actors of the club who share their experience and produce case studies on highly instructive operations. 
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Renewable energies

Renewable energy production has been extensively developed in the framework of Smarter Together. Numerous photovoltaic installations have been deployed on the roofs of new and eco-renovated buildings, and the buildings in the district have been connected to the district heating network. The district heating network is supplied with 2/3 renewable energy: 1/3 by biomass and 1/3 by waste combustion. The project also allowed the installation of a battery within the B2 Ydeal building block.
The aim now is to create a real district energy community. In this sense, collective self-consumption operations have been set up in Confluence on three blocks:
- H7 (French Tech) and Hotel 71, equipped with photovoltaic panels,
- B2 Ydeal, equipped with a photovoltaic installation and a battery,
- The future A1/A2 block, partly powered by cogeneration.

Data platform

Smarter Together has made it possible to collect energy data for the first time on the Metropolis of Lyon's data platform. This data was then used to feed a tool to visualise the energy consumption and production of the various systems in Confluence: the Confluence Monitoring System (CMS). The CMS was developed by the Metropolis of Lyon.
Today, this version of the CMS serves as a basis for developing a digital twin of the Confluence district. This digital twin is capable of integrating different types of data other than energy data, such as temperature, pollution and mobility data.


The SPL continues to approach the topic of data-driven mobility services, but in a different way: focusing on mobility services,  on a real estate infrastructure that was not initially created to provide these services. 
As a next step in replication, SPL is setting up an urban logistics centre in the existing "Lyon Marché Gare" car park. One floor of this car park will be dedicated to an experiment, which will allow delivery operators to use it as a logistics centre for carbon-free last-mile deliveries.

Citizen engagement  

A partnership between the SPL Lyon Confluence and a dozen of private partners (operating in energy, mobility, real estate, construction...) supported the creation of a citizen incubator for circular economy project: "Eurêka club". Its objective is to focus mainly on the co creation of new urban services led by citizens. 
A call for interest was launched in June 2018. Among the 29 citizen-led projects receveid, a jury (featuring private companies, associations of the neighborhood, vice-president of Lyon Métropole for smart city...) selected 3 winning projects. These projects are related to sustainable developement and quality of life in the Lyon Confluence area. 

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