EU Smart Cities Information System (SCIS)

The Smart Cities and Communities lighthouse projects are funded by the European Commission through the Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme, with the aim of bringing together cities, industry and citizens to demonstrate solutions and business models that can be scaled up and replicated, and that lead to measurable benefits in energy and resource efficiency, new markets and new jobs.

Since 2014, a total of 12 projects have been funded and are currently on-going from 3 different calls, being all them driven by the same challenges that EU cities are facing to ensure secure, affordable and clean energy, smart electro-mobility and smart tools and services, always showcasing their economic viability towards ensuring their replication potential in other cities. RUGGEDISED is part of these 12 projects that represent together a total of 27 lighthouse cities and 30 follower cities, working to demonstrate these processes, technologies and business models to transform their ecosystems into smarter and more sustainable places.

Lighthouse Projects Cooperation Manifesto - Remourban


+CityxChange (Positive City ExChange) is a smart city project, that has been granted funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme in the call for ‘Smart cities and communities.’ The Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) is the host and leads the +CityxChange consortium together with the Lighthouse Cities Trondheim Kommune and Limerick City and County Council.  


Celsius is a collaboration hub for efficient, integrated heating and cooling solutions supporting cities in their energy transition to carbon-neutral systems. Celsius gathers and shares technical, economic, social and policy expertise. Celsius connects members, exchange and foster innovation, leading to solutions that accelerate sustainable development in Europe and across the world.


CITyFiED is a successful experience in smart city and energy efficiency retrofitting. Our story started back in 2014. A story about creating and testing better places for people to live – smart cities of the future. For 5 busy years, project partners, urbanism experts and local communities all worked towards CITyFiED’s goals.

CITyFiED is a project based on a mix of demonstration, renewable energy technologies and sound business models towards the sustainable development of cities. CITyFiED aims to enhance the energy efficiency of the city districts and provide a high quality of life to its inhabitants through a better management of its resources. An extensive demonstration action was carried out as part of CITyFiED, involving a relevant number of cities and the necessary technological stakeholders, with the aim of maximizing the impact and replication potential from three high level and very ambitious demonstration projects that carried out in the cities of Laguna de Duero (Spain)Soma (Turkey) and Lund (Sweden). These cities addressed holistic interventions for district renovation. All of the main technological aspects (building retrofitting, district heating systems, integration of renewable energy sources and monitoring) are allocated by means of a systemic approach in each city, in order to achieve significant energy and CO2emissions savings and very low energy buildings.