Vienna, Austria

For the 3rd and last peer-to-peer exchange workshop of the Smarter Together project, participants will meet in Vienna, Austria to build on the first two workshops and continue to address the most pressing challenges and opportunities for innovation within the cities. Based on the feedback from previous meetings, a comprehensive programme has been prepared, focusing on five thematic fields. The workshop topics will include the following:

  • P2P-Workshop 1: Citizen Engagement
    User feedback and constant redevelopment
  • P2P-Workshop 2: Data Management Platform & Smart Services
    Implementation status of Data Management Platforms in Lighthouse Cities and persisting challenges
  • P2P-Workshop 1 meets 2: Citizen Engagement meets Data Management
  • P2P-Workshop 3.1: E-Mobility Solutions
    E(m)power my company!
  • P2P-Workshop 3.2: E-Mobility Solutions
    E(m)power my city! 
  • P2P-Workshop 4: Holistic Refurbishment
    Holistic Refurbishment Packages
  • P2P-Workshop 5: Monitoring & Replication
    How monitoring is influencing the replication of smart cities solutions
  • P2P-Workshop 6.1: District Heating & Renewables
    Monitoring of energy data from public distribution
  • P2P-Workshop 6.2: District Heating & Renewables meets Holistic Refurbishment and Data Management
    Monitoring of energy data from public distribution
  • P2P-Workshop 7: Smart City Business Models
    Challenges on the road to establishing successful business models and commercialization

Prof.  Dr. Sascha Friesike will address in his keynote speech the issue of (un)successful inventions and the need to think about the users’ benefits from the beginning. Further, there will be two site visits and social events.

If you are interested in the workshop and are involved in the Smarter Together project, please register in order to participate by clicking here:

Smarter Together Peer to Peer Exchange

Smarter Together Peer to Peer Exchange