Together, Lyon, Munich and Vienna aim to adopt a pioneering role for many critical issues relating to the future of cities – by implementing urban labs as testing grounds to think about how technological innovation should be managed for the benefit of the citizen and with the citizens. 







SMARTER TOGETHER will demonstrate how the European 20-20-20 targets on energy and climate protection can be achieved in an integrated way in three urban districts with specific contexts, by using modern technologies, on one hand, and fostering cross-sectorial governance approaches and learning, on the other. 

These direct measures will have indirect societal benefits for citizens, public authorities and other local actors including new business opportunities, lower energy bills in the demonstration districts, citizen-driven data strategies and improved co-creation capacity on local level. 

Furthermore, SMARTER TOGETHER is connected to the European Innovation Partnership on Smart Cities and Communities and operated in cooperation with a range of sister lighthouse projects demonstrating smart solutions in other European cities. 

Together, this network of cities will deepen our understanding of challenges and opportunities pertaining to the cities of tomorrow. 

Together, this network of cities will fine-tune the business models developed within each project to maximize the potential for replication of demonstrated activities. 

Together, this network of cities will reach the business stakeholders and get involved in the development of new standards for data exchange, e-mobility and energy management. 

Ultimately, the lighthouse projects will deliver valuable insights to shape the next European energy policy for the decades to come.

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