The Santiago City Council is working on the implementation of the European Union project Smarter Together, which aims to improve the quality of life in cities through smart technologies. The first meeting was held to develop a strategy to deepen interdepartmental cooperation for an integrated data platform, citizen participation/commitment, energy refurbishment of buildings, sustainable mobility, ‘district heating’ and renewable energies.

Compostela is a partner of Smarter Together as a ‘follower’ city, along with Venice and Sofia. The project is led by three so-called ‘lighthouse cities’: Lyon, Munich and Vienna, where the project will be developed over the course of five years, with EUR 29 million of European funding from the Horizon 2020 program. Santiago, as a follower city, will have the opportunity to participate in developing a strategy for a smart city, in collaboration with the City Council, additional internal and external partners, including citizens, associations, and corporations.

Meeting Schedule

As a follower city, technical representatives or politicians from the Santiago City Council are scheduled to participate in the Smarter Together organised meetings. The next meetings will be held in Venice on May 3-4, and in Sofia, from June 7-9. Another workshop is scheduled to be held in Lyon in July, and in October a meeting will be held in Santiago to bring together project partners and create a platform for communication and exchange of experiences.

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Santiago Smarter Together

Santiago Smarter Together