A new workshop report has just been published and is available online and in print.

The workshop report on Mobility measures in residential housing shows future trends, but also challenges with regard to mobility management for (residential) construction projects in Vienna. Specific measures (e.g. for cycling, (e-) – sharing, e-mobility in general, logistics, mobility stations, awareness-raising and marketing) are proposed and opportunities to integrate the topic of mobility early in the planning process are shown. The guide also offers a checklist for property developers, a recommendation for creating a mobility concept and helpful contacts. The target groups are real estate developers, property developers, planners and mobility service providers.

Inspired also by Smarter Together

Smarter Together is mentioned several times as a best practice: e-car sharing in BWSG estate in the Hauffgasse (photo p. 28), the WienMobil station (photo p. 35), the e-cargo bike (photo p. 40) and even the trolleys that Smarter Together has branded together with „Wiener Wohnen“ (Vienna Housing) and made available to the tenants of the municipal building at Lorystraße 54-60 thanks to EU funds, were included in the guidelines (p. 27). With this, Smarter Together is represented in another strategy paper of the City of Vienna as best practice and underlines its role in smart future topics of the city.

Stephan Hartmann, project manager of Smarter Together and mobility specialist in the project, was also involved in the development of the guide in an advisory capacity.

The guide is available for download in German here.

For more information on mobility in new neighborhoods (in German), click here.

Mobility in Housing Report Vienna

Mobility in Housing Report Vienna