One of the main goals of Smarter Together in Lyon, France is to modernise heat distribution infrastructure and implement new business models of renewable energy systems. In terms of renewable energy sources, Lyon has been successful in installing several photovoltaic systems across the project area.

The project has installed a 206 kWp PV system on the Chanfray Gym Hall which is connected to the Grand-Lyon Data platform. Connecting to the data platform increases the number of gathered data sets and opens the possibility of new information areas, new services and applications to serve citizens and infrastructure needs in the future.

Smarter Together has also worked with partners to install a PV system on an existing industrial building once refurbishing has been completed. This part of the project is in partnership with SPL Lyon-Confluence and Generale du Solaire, a PV system installer.

Two other PV systems with storage and collective self-consumption capabilities have been installed on the A3 and B2-Block buildings within the project area. The challenge in this part of the project is managing the implementation of a collective self-consumption scheme and connecting this PV system to the Grand-Lyon data platform.

Smarter Together in Lyon has been working hard to increase the amount of energy produced via renewables within the project area and the results are showing a positive influence throughout the project area. For more about PV systems in Lyon-Confluence or to learn more about some of the other work of Smarter Together in Lyon, go to the city Knowledge Carrier here.

PV units in Lyon

PV units in Lyon