On 21 March 2018, Vienna was awarded with the EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK Award 2017, for special achievements in the promotion of eco-friendly sustainable mobility. The award was presented by Violeta Bulc, the EU Commissioner for Transport.

Ms. Bulc said: “My congratulations to each of the award winners. Through their actions, these cities are not only creating a more sustainable Europe, but are helping their residents to move around in a cleaner, healthier and more enjoyable way. It is my hope that by selecting these cities, their actions will inspire others to embrace the core message of EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK – sustainable mobility is the right choice for everyone.”

Special thanks goes to the Vienna Mobility Agency which is a key institutional actor in the promotion of sustainable urban mobility. It is also a key project partner of Smarter Together as numerous activities were implemented jointly ensuring on one hand that the issues are anchored locally, and on the other have a subsequent replication effect on a city scale.

Such joint activities were for instance the elaboration of a local mobility strategy (see Mobility with future), the e-cargo-bike for the neighborhood, Beat the Street , the jointly organized Walking Coffee or the participation in the European Mobility Week from 16- 21 September 2017.

Please see the original article on the Smarter Together Vienna website (German with English translation): http://www.smartertogether.at/eu-mobilitaetspreis/





©European Union, 2018 Photographer Ezequiel Scagnetti

©European Union, 2018 Photographer Ezequiel Scagnetti