CITyFiED is a successful experience in smart city and energy efficiency retrofitting. Our story started back in 2014. A story about creating and testing better places for people to live – smart cities of the future. For 5 busy years, project partners, urbanism experts and local communities all worked towards CITyFiED’s goals.

CITyFiED is a project based on a mix of demonstration, renewable energy technologies and sound business models towards the sustainable development of cities. CITyFiED aims to enhance the energy efficiency of the city districts and provide a high quality of life to its inhabitants through a better management of its resources. An extensive demonstration action was carried out as part of CITyFiED, involving a relevant number of cities and the necessary technological stakeholders, with the aim of maximizing the impact and replication potential from three high level and very ambitious demonstration projects that carried out in the cities of Laguna de Duero (Spain)Soma (Turkey) and Lund (Sweden). These cities addressed holistic interventions for district renovation. All of the main technological aspects (building retrofitting, district heating systems, integration of renewable energy sources and monitoring) are allocated by means of a systemic approach in each city, in order to achieve significant energy and CO2emissions savings and very low energy buildings.