The three point project Triangulum is one of 14 European Smart Cities and Communities Lighthouse Projects, set to demonstrate, disseminate and replicate solutions and frameworks for Europe’s future smart cites. The Lighthouse Cities Manchester (UK), Eindhoven (NL) and Stavanger (NO) serve as testbeds for innovative projects focusing on sustainable mobility, energy, ICT and business opportunities. The project consortium combines interdisciplinary experience and expertise of 22 partners from industry, research and municipalities who share the same objective and commitment to develop and implement smart solutions in order to replicate them in the three follower cities Leipzig (D), Prague (CZ) and Sabadell (ES) as well as in the Observer City Tianjin (CHN).

The overall budget of Triangulum is 30 million Euros (2015-2020). The European Commission funding (Horizon 2020) totals 25 million Euros.

The project is coordinated by Fraunhofer IAO in Stuttgart and supported by Steinbeis-Europa-Zentrum.

An exceptional feature of the project is the ICT architecture and the Smart City Framework that will be developed in the Lighthouse Cities and rolled out in the Follower Cities. A modular approach will enable flexible (business) solutions that address individual challenges and requirements of our cities and their stakeholders.

By now, the majority of the implementation projects in the three Lighthouse Cities have been completed and the monitoring and impact assessment has started with data being stored at the central Cloud Data Hub. To this point, Triangulum exhibits 29 solution modules and 69 use cases addressing the individual challenges and requirements of its Lighthouse Cities and involved stakeholders.