4 - Munich Data management platform & smart services

Munich Data management platform & smart services

General facts

Description & main goal

Measuring and collecting of temperature and humidity data in up to 400 flats in the redevelopment area Neuaubing/Munich with sensors of a smart home solution. Collection and Aggregation of collected data by Securitas and forwarding the results to City Intelligence Platform CIP (the “Smart Data Platform”), City of

Munich. For the participants, an individual and secured access to their collected data is possible via a Mobile Web-App (“Wohlfühl-App”). The App will allow users to observe their individual data and to compare their own measured data with the average of the measured results of all project participants. In addition, the App offers valuable recommendations concerning temperatures and humidity levels in flats. If a measured value is outside a recommended value (e.g. “temperature in room 1 above recommended value” or “humidity in room 2 below recommended value”),  the mobile Web-App gives the user receive a hint with helpful suggestion how to improve the situation, by creating a more comfortable in-flat living comfort  and potentially save energy. Beside this, all collected data will be monitored and analysed by the EN 50518 and VdS1 3138 certified Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) of Securitas. The Mobile App will be platform independent.

Main goal is to allow residents to see via the data of their room environment situation (temperature, humidity), how changes in their energy consumption behaviour have effects. This should end in reducing CO2 emission. All data management within Securitas and from Securitas to City Intelligence Platform is in line with the German and EU data protection and data privacy regulations.  The used smart home solution allows the end user to add further sensors/actors (e.g. for comfort or security features). This is not part of the project.

The hardware of the smart home solution comes out of the box and will be installed on site by Securitas. Data management, special hardware programming and configuration as well as Mobile App development is project related engineering.

Deployment area
Involved actors and their role

Gleich Alarmanlagen GmbH as subcontractor for Securitas, responsible for App programming

Task 4.4 with the City Intelligence Platform as ‘customer’ for the aggregated data

Key-contact person

Specific facts