B2 Photovoltaic System (174 kWp)

Lyon Electric-Renewable Energy Sources

General facts

Description & main goal

Installation of a Photovoltaic system on the roof of a new building : B2 block

Deployment area
Lyon Confluence
Involved actors and their role

City of Lyon (building owner)

Hespul (Photovoltaic consultant)

SPL Lyon Confluence : urban developper of the Lyon-Confluence area

OGIC : real estate developper

Key-contact person

Specific facts

Main challenges & risks

Connection of the Photovoltaic installation  to the Lyon Métropole data platform.

Setting up the legal framework for photovoltaic collective self consumption.

Delivery date


Complete 50%
Next steps & To Do ́s

Commissioning of the new building, with photovoltaic installation connected to the city data platform.

Data sharing agreement signed between the city data platform and the buildings owners.