Confluence Monitoring System connected to the city data platform

Lyon Data management platform & smart services

General facts

Description & main goal

Data-based visualisation tool to display energy data collected by the Lyon M├ętropole Data Platform to gain a global understanding of the energy flows of the area in order to improve the urban planning process and the planning, design and operation of public infrastructures.

Deployment area
Involved actors and their role

Lyon M├ętropole (data platform departement)

SPL Lyon-Confluence (Urban developer - Definition of use-cases)

Hespul (technical support for the definition of the use cases)

Enertech (technical support for the definition of the use cases, and the integration of the monitoring requirements)

Key-contact person

Specific facts

Main challenges & risks

Unavailability of data sources and/or sensors necessary to collect data
Unavailability of data sets necessary to perform defined scenarios
Data received is of poor quality
Lack of usage of the CMS

Delivery date