District heating system (powered with 66% of renewabel energies) & 21 smart substations equipped with smart heat meters

Lyon Electric-Renewable Energy Sources

General facts

Description & main goal

Construction of the district heating network.

Commissioning of a new power plant to reach an energy mix coming at 66% from renewable energies.

Construction of 21 smart substations equipped with smart heat meters (connected to the Lyon Métropole data platform).

Deployment area
Lyon Confluence Area
Involved actors and their role

SPL Lyon-Confluence (District heating operator)

Lyon Métropole (data platform operator)

Specific facts

Delivery date

December 2018

Complete 100%
Next steps & To Do ́s

Data-based monitoring of energy consumption of the buildings, thanks to the communication infrastructure of the smart substations, and the data sharing agreement signed between the city data platform and the operator of the Lyon-Confluence district heating system.