Eco-Refurbishment of housing estate owned by a home owner association: WEG Radolfzeller Strasse 40-46

Munich Holistic Refurbishment

General facts

Description & main goal

Eco-refurbishment of a housing estate owned by a home owner association (WEG)




Deployment area
Involved actors and their role

Home Owner Association Radolfzeller Strasse 40-46
Owner - Project Partner
represented by Property Management

Consulting &  Coordination 

Specific facts

Implementation status

In which phase is the project?
Planning phase and beginning of implementation phase 

What is the current implementation status/ what is the current activity step?
Preliminary studies and planning concluded and positive decision obtained by the home owner association to implement proposed refurbishment meausures

Is the implementation process on time or are there any derivations?
The implementation process is on time 

Which project steps were performed since the last project reporting?
The project has been defined as a new SMARTER TOGETHER project since the last reporting period (M24). The consulting, planning and reimbursement phases were concluded within 10 months.

Complete 50%
Which risks & challenges is the project currently facing?
  • The end of the eco-refurbishment works is planned for  2019 
  • Short timeframe: the whole project process is planned to run over a period of only 15 months (including consulting phase, decision-making process of the WEG, planning, commissioning and implementation of the measures, preparation for monitoring)
  • Unclarifiedn legal and financial status regarding EU funding
  • Due to a tight construction market, there might  be only a few offers from construction companies, which can be reflected in higher costs.
Which are critical or seem invincible? Please provide a detailed description
  • The Market situation (high construction prizes) is quite critical, and the energy prizes are very low. Therefore the financial ROI works only in the long run)
Which previously identified risks and challenges have you managed successfully and how

Integrated consulting approach: Financing scheme for holistic refurbishment measures requires an integrated consulting approach, including legal, financial and technical expertise. 

Which lessons learned can be derived up to this point from the implementation process?

It is crucial to choose the right objects from the very outset of the project. Therefore sound preliminary analyses need to be performed in the very early stage of the projects.

What could be done better in comparable future projects (what needs to be done and what needs to be prevented)?

Early and integrated stakeholder management approach with early stage set-up of a taskforce including owners, property managers, City administration,  consulting team, planners.

Next steps & To Do ́s

Please shortly outline the next steps planned for the implementation of the project.    
Start of the implementation of works on façade, optimization of internal heating system and implementation of a 20kWp PV System

Implementation status

Implementation finished.

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