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Webinar with Hanna Riemer, City of Munich, Münchner Gesellschaft für Stadterneuerung mbH

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Webinar with Hanna Riemer, City of Munich, Münchner Gesellschaft für Stadterneuerung mbH

On 17 May, Smarter Together hosted a webinar on the topic of energy efficient private housing retrofit, and will be discussing the consulting activity and owners engagement that it is undergoing as part of its projects.

Several SCC projects are dealing with private residential buildings retrofit. Unlike public buildings, where funding and technical activities are generally assured by the municipalities or other institutions, the case for the private owned and multifamily buildings presents many challenges before the construction work starts. This last case comprehends frequently a difficult and uninformed decision-making process involving each flat owner to  invest its own money.

Munich decided to close this information gap and start providing technical advices to private residential building flat owners, by offering Consultancy activities.

This has proven to bring countless benefits to:

Home owners: 

  • Get information and rise individual awareness of owners towards the positive effects of refurbishment (energy and cost savings, healthy and comfortable indoor environment, sustainable increase in value);
  • Support with technical and financing expertise due to the planning and implementing of the refurbishment works to achieve higher sufficient quality;
  • Possibility of independent moderation of the decision process in case of home owners associations the.

Local/municipal strategy and policy makers:

  • Information and awareness of the local situation and local market and needs and barriers of private owners
  • Gathering Knowledge to design of customized support service f.e. offers for funded consultancy and development of suitable local fund schemes
  • To be able to achieve local environment agenda and given CO2 saving goals
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