Fascinating Dialogue: German Smart Cities in Munich
Cologne, Dresden and Hamburg – three of Germany's “smart cities” – met together in Munich this April. The group put its heads together about topics ranging from smart city strategies to individual focal areas, whether specific projects or ways to move forward.
New E-Bikesharing Launches at the Viennese Central Cemetery
On 24 April 2018, Smarter Together launched a new e-bike sharing service, together with e-bike provider Sycube and the Viennese Central Cemetery as the governance institution.
Lyon Confluence Adds the Porche Building to Eco-Refurbishment Works
A new project has been confirmed within the Smarter Together project in Lyon Confluence: the eco-refurbishment of the Porche building. This building consists of the former entrance to the wholesale market (this is the reason for “Porche” being the name of the building – literally translating into porch or archway in English).
‘Building together’ – A workshop to help people understand technology
A workshop in the Urban Living Lab at the close of 2017 gave anyone in the Neuaubing-Westkreuz/Freiham project area who was interested in the chance to be involved in developing scenarios for smart lamp posts in which built-in sensors are more visible and interactive.
A New Eco-Refurbishment Project in Lyon Confluence
An additional group of owners has confirmed its participation in the eco-refurbishment of their cooperatively owned apartment building as part of the Smarter Together project. The refurbishment of 61 Rue Delandine will comprise of a total 1400 square meters and 25 housing units.
Vienna Receives the European Mobility Week Award
On 21 March 2018, Vienna was awarded with the EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK Award 2017, for special achievements in the promotion of eco-friendly sustainable mobility.
Fostering the Future with Innovation: A press conference with Michael Ludwig in the Vienna project area
On 21 February 2018, Michael Ludwig, Executive Councilor for Housing of the City of Vienna and head of Smarter Together in Vienna held a well-received press conference in Simmering. The press conference was organized on the occasion of the delivery of the third e-car from the e-car sharing programme provided by Smarter Together.
Eco-refurbishment Advances in Lyon’s Girard Hall
Works for the energy retrofitting of Girard Hall, a former industrial building built in the 19th century, are well under way. The building is set to become a high-energy performance office building, hosting the ecosystem of digital startups from Lyon French Tech.
A closer look at the new Munich SmartCity app
Thanks to Smarter Together, Munich is becoming a Smart City – and the popular München App is becoming the Munich SmartCity App, introduced together with the Munich smart innovations that will go into service in 2018 in January. The new smart app services are worth a closer look.
Smarter Together Vienna: A Year in Review
Positive Dynamics

Smarter Together is currently the largest urban renewal project co-funded by the EU within the Horizon 2020 programme in Vienna.